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Hi, I'm Valquire Christopher Veljkovic, a Berlin based filmmaker (commercials, documentaries, narratives), media artist (video art and installations, live visuals/VJ), music producer (VLQR), photographer and IT specialist (data science (python), web development, physical computing). I'm CEO of valcons productions, which is my headquarter for IT data science and web development, media and content production.

Past projects include a great variety of photography, music- and fashion videos, media art performances, installations, light and visual concepts and productions for live entertainment and corporate events and music.

My early career started in IT and music, being the founding member and acting CEO/CTO of several entrepeneurships in the fields of data science, music industry and web development. For almost a decade and a half now I am working as a freelance artist, creating content for video, media and photo projects, managing creative projects for events and surging the Berlin underground with various art and music projects.

You can check out the interview at The Inspired Eye to have insights to my photography work or head over to my social media portfolios and appearances.


I love having the opportunity to partner with talented industry members and collegues to create inspiring works of art or being part of and spark new ideas to life for business. Throughout my career, I have worked with clients from all walks of life on a variety of projects.

Take a look at some of my valued partners on my business website.